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2022-2023 Novice/Future Champion Registration

AAU Insurance is required to practice with Conroe Diving Club and to register for the team. Please have your current number before continuing with the registration process. 

Conroe Diving is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to spread the love of diving to beginners and more experienced divers alike. The club is active in local, state, regional, and national diving competitions. We are proud to host two meets each dive season. Registration fees are used to purchase and maintain training equipment, host socials throughout the season and cover coaches' costs to attend meets.

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Team Suit

Although the team suit is not required, Coach Bill would like our team to be unified at all meets. If a diver is unable to wear an official team suit to an event, they must have a suit with Conroe Dive Club colors and it must be approved by one of the coaches. All suits, whether for a meet or practice, must be a one-piece with modest coverage. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in divers being asked to leave practice or an event until they change into an appropriate suit. In this situation, no refund or make-up will be offered. 

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Conroe Diving Club hosts two meets per season. Parents/family members are required to volunteer for four shifts per season. These can be spread between our two home meets or completed all at one. Committee positions fulfill required shifts. Failure to complete volunteer requirements will result in you being charged the Volunteer Buyout Fee. We don't want your money, we need your help!

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