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    Steps for Registering

    Divers must complete these steps.

    1) SANCTIONING BODIES: All divers MUST have an AAU membership to practice or compete at the Conroe Aquatic Center. You will need your AAU number to complete CDC member registration. Follow the instructions below to register with AAU.

    AAU 1st Time Registration– Go to aausports.org and click JOIN AAU. Create a new account or log in. Select Get a Membership then Apply for a Youth Athlete Membership. Here you are able to choose between Standard or Extended coverage. The extended coverage option includes non-AAU events. Enter your diver's information.  Select Conroe Diving from the drop-down menu. All memberships expire August 31 each year. 

    AAU Renewals: To renew membership: Go to aausports.org and click Member Log In. Log into your account. Click MANAGE MEMBERSHPS and then click on Expired Memberships. Check the box by the diver(s) needing renewal and click Renew Selected Members. IMPORTANT; Click Modify. Then confirm member information, membership coverage desired (Standard is all that is required), and then MOST IMPORTANTLY indicate club membership by selecting Conroe Diving Club from the drop-down menu. Confirm your options, then follow the checkout process. Please note member will receive a new identification number each time they renew. 

    USA Diving– This registration is not required of all divers. Only complete this registration if your coach indicates your diver needs to complete it.

    2) CONROE DIVING CLUB MEMBER REGISTRATION: ALL divers must register and become a member. Memberships include a team shirt. Non-competitive divers (learn to dive) can register for a low cost. Learn to Dive members are welcome and encouraged to compete at our two, yearly home meets. The online registration form can be found at conroedivingclub.com.

    3) DIVEMEETS.COM REGISTRATION: Have your AAU membership number handy and go to the DiveMeets User Registration page. Fill in your diver's information and select AAU for the diver's organization membership. Select your club (Conroe Diving Club) and your coach's name. Then fill in your AAU number and complete your registration. Once registered keep your DiveMeets ID handy, you will need it every time you register for a meet.

    4) CLEANENTRIES.COM REGISTRATION: Cleanentries is similar to divemeets and will be used for AAU Regional and National meets.

    5) MEET REGISTRATIONS (throughout the year): For each meet your coach will communicate with you about the events and dives for which to register your diver. Once you have that list, log in to divemeets.com and select the meet, select your diver's name, select the events and click sign up. Then fill in the dive numbers given to you by your diver's coach and complete the meet registration. 

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    Tips for Competition

    Check out some tips for competitions here

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    Expected Costs

    Every sport has its price and diving is no exception! To help prepare

    you for potential costs, please read on.

    Lesson Fees

    The lesson fees are paid each month to the Conroe Aquatic Center to cover facility use and pay the coach. The amount per month varies based on residence location (within city limits receives a lower rate) and number of lessons per week. Pay before the 5th of the month to avoid a late fee and to ensure the payment to your coach is not delayed (payments received after the 5th are not processed to the coach until the following month). There is an online payment option, please see the Aquatic Center office for details.

    Membership Dues

    In order to practice and/or compete with the Conroe Diving Club, membership dues are required annually. These dues ensure the team is able to send coaches to competitions and provide updated equipment for practice as well as maintenance of current equipment. Dues may be paid online through the Registration Form. As the Conroe Diving Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, a portion of the membership dues is considered a tax-deductible donation.

    Learn to Dive - $35 per year

    Future Champion/Novice - $100 per year

    Junior Olympic - $150 per year


    For the 2023-2024 year, Conroe Diving Club will use a custom team suit, which is designed for specifically for us. You can order a team suit at registration or through the team store on our website. A team shirt is included in all membership levels. Other team gear and apparel is available for purchase from our online team store.

    Competition Costs

    Meet Fees are required to register for each event. An event is the set of 5 to 10 dives on a particular board—1m or 3m, etc.—depending on the diver’s level and gender. These fees will be paid to the team hosting the meet via the divemeets.com or cleanentries.com websites and are approximately $30-50 per event. When first competing your diver may compete about once per month.

    Coaching Fees are paid directly to the coach and are usually $10-$20 per event.

    $10.00 per event for Local and Invitational meets.

    $15.00 per event for Regional & Zone Championships.

    $20.00 per event for National Championships.

    These fees are payment for your coach's services the day of the meet. Please give your coach the meet fees in an envelope with your child’s name on it the week before the meet.

    Sanction Fees are paid to be a member of the sanctioning body of our club and the meet(s) you plan to attend. In order to practice or compete with the Conroe Diving Club, all divers must register themselves with the Amateur Athletic Union. In order to compete at regional or national meets, Junior Olympic divers will need to register with USA Diving. These fees are paid once per year, around $20 for AAU and around $200 for USA Diving. These fees cover the insurance and the governance of your diver’s participation at meets.

    Travel Expenses for the coaches are covered by the fundraising activities of the team and spent as the Board approves and the budget allows. If there are not enough funds after the yearly sponsorship drive, then parents of divers participating in a meet will be required to cover the travel costs of the coach to the meet. Divers personal travel expenses are not covered by the club. As your diver progresses, he or she may participate in more out of town meets which will incur expenses for transportation and hotels.  

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    Diving Levels

    Level Workouts Emphasis Progression Recommended Competitions Necessary
    Learn to Dive Lessons

    The Learn to Dive program is a great place to “get your feet wet” with the sport of diving.

    1 day per week

    Learning basic springboard diving skills with proper posture and body alignment. Pool safety is strongly enforced

    Advancement to Future Champions is made by completing all skill challenges issued by your coach

    Home Meets

    Conroe Diving Club (CDC),

    Amateur Athletic Union


    Future Champion

    Future Champions have mastered the skill challenges in the Learn to Dive program and are ready to compete at three progressive levels: Bronze - Level 1; Silver - Level 2; and Gold - Level 3.

    1-2 days per week

    Learning forward and backward entry into the water with proper alignment and body mechanics

    Completion of all three levels in Future Champion are necessary for progression to the Novice level

    Local meets


    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)


    Novice divers have worked hard to continually refine their body alignment and postures. This is a challenge for kids who have an ever changing center of gravity due to growth.

    2-3 days per week at coach’s discretion

    Development of forward, backward, inward, reverse and twisting skills with proper technique

    Advance to Junior Olympic at your coach’s discretion

    Local and regional and statewide travel meets



    Junior Olympian

    Junior Olympic divers have mastered the body mechanics associated with competitive diving. They compete nationally and at times internationally. Many times they use diving towards “off campus” PE credit. This must be approved through your school district and your coach.

    3-5 days per week at coach’s discretion

    Development of multiple somersaulting dives from forward, backward, reverse, inward and twisting groups

    Local, regional, statewide and national meets (as qualified)



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